Terms of Sales


 The units sold comply with the specifications given in our various manuals. However, if the device has undergone modifications linked to technical developments, the new characteristics will be communicated to the customer directly on the order form. The photos of the appliances on the sales support media (leaflet, video, website, etc.) have only a descriptive and informative value.


Our devices are offered at the current price list (see Official Price List) and may change according to exchange rates or international customs duties. They are subject to change without notice but cannot be subject to any variation between the date of signature of the order form and the delivery date of the device.

They are net, without discount, excluding VAT for metropolitan France. Shipping costs will be calculated and invoiced in addition.


All orders must be considered subject to verification and acceptance by the Sales Department. In the event of refusal, the reasons must be formally communicated to the customer in the form of an e-mail and a letter. The customer has 8 days to formulate any objection to the terms specified on our acknowledgement of receipt. Beyond this period, no claim will be accepted.


We proceed to our shipments for Metropolitan France. Even if the company Stendo will be required to mandate official carriers for logistics services for the delivery of the devices, the costs and risks related to the receipt must be considered the responsibility of the buyer.

In order for us to be able to assert our rights, both with the carriers and the Insurance Companies; any damage at the time of reception must be reported to us within 48 hours.

Whether the damage is apparent or not at the time of receipt, a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt with a reasoned protest must also be sent to the carrier; within the legal time limit of 3 days from receipt, a copy of this letter must be sent to us, as well as a copy of the carrier's reply; within the same time limit, a report must be drawn up in the presence of an authorised person, if possible contradicting the carrier.

In the event of failure to comply with these provisions, any complaint concerning the equipment delivered will be rejected, the purchaser being thus presumed to have waived all legal recourse.

No material may be returned to us without our agreement.


The commissioning on the territory of Metropolitan France will be carried out by the personnel mandated by Stendo and the date of the commissioning will be defined in consultation with the customer. The responsibility for the installation of the equipment, in particular its connection to the necessary power supplies - electric current, earth connection, possible air source - remains in all cases the responsibility of the customer.


Our terms of payment will be indicated on the order forms:

The delivery time will be from the date of receipt of the deposit, if it has been requested. Any payment that will not be made by the contractual due date will give rise to the invoicing of late payment interest at the legal rate in force, increased by 5%. However, the terms of payment stipulated may be modified, in particular according to the risks linked to the solvency of the buyers.



It is expressly agreed between the parties that the transfer of ownership of the goods sold by STENDO SAS is subject to full payment of the price, in accordance with the provisions of the law of 12 May 1980.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser/user to ensure that all persons using the unit have received training in its use.

The purchase of this appliance implies the buyer/user's acceptance of these general warranty conditions.

In the event that the appliance is sold by an authorized Stendo distributor, the purchaser shall first refer to the general warranty conditions of his supplier, which can in no way increase the commitment made under this warranty. This warranty cannot be implemented and is only valid if the warranty section and/or the acceptance report duly completed have been signed, stamped, dated and returned directly or indirectly to Stendo within 15 days of the first commissioning, for any country whatsoever.

This device is guaranteed against any construction or material defect. The duration of the warranty is one (1) year from the first commissioning.

During this period, we undertake to exchange or repair free of charge, as soon as possible, any part recognized by us as defective, without however the complete exchange of the unit being required.

Exchanges and repairs under the guarantee, whether or not they cause the appliance to be immobilised, may under no circumstances have the effect of prolonging its duration. No compensation may be granted for loss of use.

The purchaser/user is obliged to give us the necessary time and means to carry out all repairs and replacement deliveries of spare parts, failing which we shall be released from our guarantee obligation.

The courts located within the jurisdiction of Stendo's registered office are the only competent courts in case of dispute, despite any clause assigning different jurisdiction appearing in any document to the contrary.

Furthermore, the warranty is excluded in case of :

  • Damage in transit. It is the responsibility of the carrier before taking delivery, to check the condition of the goods and, if necessary, to make claims to the carrier in accordance with the forms and deadlines in force in the country of delivery;
  • Non-observance of the installation and use rules, lack of maintenance and/or negligence in the maintenance of the unit, connection to an electrical line that is faulty or does not have a connection to the ground or a voltage other than that indicated on the unit, connection to an air source that does not comply with the characteristics indicated on the unit and specified in the user manual;
  • Modification, mounting of accessories or disassembly of the unit;
  • Any use and/or intervention not provided for in this Stendo user guide and carried out on the device by the purchaser/user and/or a third party not approved by Stendo;
  • The use of consumables, spare parts, inappropriate components or parts not supplied by Stendo;
  • The device and in particular its pneumatic inlet or outlet connections are blocked by foreign objects;
  • Normal wear and tear of one or more parts of the device resulting from normal use;
  • Drop, shock, lightning, fire, force majeure, water damage and natural disaster.
  • If a unit is resold before the end of the warranty period, the warranty will be transferred to the new purchaser for the remaining period of the warranty period, provided that the unit has been returned to the original purchaser:
  1. the original invoice is sent to him/her
  2. that the original seller be informed of the assignment


We decline all responsibility in the event of an accident that could be caused by abnormal use of our devices.


By express agreement, the Commercial Court of Evreux shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of a dispute. This clause is deemed to be specified in a very apparent manner.


In accordance with Directive 2002/96/EC of 27 January 2003 on waste electrical and electronic equipment and with current French regulations, it is agreed that the organisation of waste collection remains the responsibility of the customer, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. The customer undertakes to set up an appropriate collection system and to contact the approved organisation to which STENDO SAS belongs. The client undertakes to produce a certificate from the approved body certifying the fulfilment of its obligations. Failing this, the client agrees to assume responsibility and the consequences of non-compliance with its obligation to collect this waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The costs of treatment and recovery of this waste will be borne by STENDO SAS.

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