General Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

1. Object

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define how STENDO's solutions are available, how they are used, and the services associated with them, in accordance with its Privacy Policy. In the event that the User does not wish to accept all or part of these terms and conditions, certain solutions will not be available to him. The current online version of these terms and conditions of use is the only one that can be enforced until a new version replaces it. STENDO company reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time change the content of these terms and conditions of use.

2. Legal mentions

Applications and Websites are published by STENDO, simplified joint-stock company with a capital of EUR 1.042.950, registered at RCS EVREUX France under id. number 530 630 102, and whose head office is located at 17 RUE DU PORT – 27400 LOUVIERS – France. The Publisher holds all the rights to Applications, Websites and related services.

3. Definitions

The purpose of this clause is to define the various essential terms of use:

STENDO Solutions: All products and services marketed by STENDO company.

Applications: Designate the applications and services associated with it. They consist of non-limiting software, software updates and all or part of the following: database, editorial content, graphics, photo, video. This is a software/program made accessible by STENDO company.

Websites: Designate all STENDO web pages and resources linked and accessible by a web address.

User: Designates any major natural person who is responsible for using the Application.

Connected equipment: Designates STENDO-branded connected devices, or other brands, that can be driven by Applications.

Systems: Denotes not only the connected equipment belonging to the User and the applications it uses, but also the interoperability of those devices with applications that also include the connectivity chain.

Technical equipment: Designates devices running Applications (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.), and their operating systems.

Personal data: Any information that directly or indirectly identifies a natural person (e.g., name, commune of residence, etc.)

4. Description of services

Applications allow, through technical equipment, to control the associated connected equipment.

5. Personal data

5.1. Collection and purpose

The data collected is mostly personal data that allows STENDO company to be in contact with you as a customer and data representative of the state of your STENDO facilities. The collection of this data is primarily aimed at meeting your requests as a customer and ensuring the smooth operation and efficiency of the products and services we market to you, namely the management and control of your STENDO facilities. It also allows us to better understand your preferences and usages, in order to tailor our commercial offerings to your needs and to offer you enriched services to improve your user experience. You may choose not to provide us with certain data. In this case you may not have access to certain content, and/or may not be able to use services or products. We may use personal data for study and statistics purposes. If so, we will treat them anonymously. You can access our websites without ability to reveal your identity. However, after seeking your consent, we may collect and process personal information about you in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. If you share your data and choose to make it appear in a public place on our sites, apps, etc. in a visible way, it can be used by third parties. We therefore recommend that you be especially vigilant about the information you share. As part of the operation of our solution, personal data is collected and processed. This data is naturally processed to allow installed products to do what they are designed to do and our MyStendo solution to work. Beyond the personal data strictly necessary for the operation of the products and services you have acquired or subscribe to, you have the opportunity to improve your MyStendo experience through options. In these cases, it is up to you whether or not to activate these options and, as a result, whether or not to accept the data processing.

5.2. Background of collection

Information about you can be collected in particular:
- When installing and using our products
- When subsermissing to our services
- When using our mobile applications
- When creating a customer account or using any type of form
- When you accept the General Terms of Use
- When you contact us (phone, email...)
- When you leave comments (e.g. forum, social networks, blog...)

5.3. Nature of data collected

As part of our business relationship with our customers, personal data may be of different natures: name, first name, email address, IP address, postal address, telephone number, data from the use of products installed in your home, etc. As part of the operation of our MyStendo solution, the personal data collected and processed are measurement and status data, as well as data of instructions that you set or program. When functions and services of our MyStendo solution are provided by third parties, the data they need to perform their duties and services within our MyStendo solution is collected and transmitted to them on a case-by-case basis. We make sure to collect only the data necessary for the purpose of the treatments we implement.

5.4. Data retention

STENDO company is responsible for storing your personal data for the duration of the time it is relevant, and necessary to the transactions for which it was collected and in compliance with applicable regulations. STENDO company may entrust the storage of some of your personal data to subcontractors (such as our host), while remaining responsible for this data. You can refuse this storage at our subcontractors by asserting your rights and contacting us. In this case, access to our services may be limited. As far as the personal data needed to run our MyStendo solution is concerned, it is only stored within the STENDO products on the market. They are kept there for the duration of the operation and implementation of STENDO products and services. STENDO's cloud platform backs up technical data from installations, pairings, and configurations. This allows users of STENDO products and services to have more efficient troubleshooting solutions in the event of a hardware replacement. They are stored there for the duration of the operation and implementation of STENDO products and services.

5.5. Recipients of personal data

The personal data collected will be accessible to STENDO employees, within their duties, and to its subcontractors. Your personal data is also available to STENDO's partner companies in order to make you fully benefit from the services offered (maintenance, assistance, etc.), provided that you have consented to the disclosure of your data. With regard specifically to the operating data of our MyStendo solution, it is intended and accessible only for your own use. However, STENDO staff who intervene in support of a request for assistance from you may, however, be required to take notice during their interventions. The same goes for STENDO's partners.

5.6. Cookies

5.6.1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file deposited on the hard drive of your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you visit a website or use an app. It aims to collect and store information about your browsing on the internet. A cookie does not identify you personally.

5.6.2. Accept or refuse cookies

The use of cookies requires prior consent from the user. You can choose to disable these cookies at any time. Each browser allows cookies to be prevented or accepted systematically or on a case-by-case basis. The configuration of each browser is different. You will find the cookie management procedure in your browser's help menu.
If accepted, cookies can be used to:
• establish statistics (number of visits, number of page views, etc.)
• adapt the presentation of our site to your equipment (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) or memorize information about a form you filled out on our website (contact form, advice installer form, etc.)
In the event of a refusal, access to certain functions of our website or application may be limited.

5.7. Rights of the person concerned

5.7.1. Access, rectification, limitation, and erasure

In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulations, every natural person has, at any time, a right of access to data concerning him, a right to delete that information, a right to rectify, a right to limit treatment and a right to define general and specific guidelines stipulating how he intends to exercise these rights after his death. The right of access is limited to two requests per year and subject to justification of its identity.

5.7.2. Right of Objection

The individual also has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for legitimate reasons, as well as a right to object to the use of such data for commercial exploration.

5.7.3. Right to data portability

The person registered also has a right to portability of his data. The person concerned has the right to receive the personal data concerning him, which he has provided, in a structured format, commonly used and machine readable, and has the right to transmit this data to another processing manager without STENDO company obstructing it.

5.7.4. Right to file a claim with the CNIL (French National Commission for informatics and freedoms)

Finally, the person concerned can, if necessary, file a complaint with the “CNIL services”. To do so, you can contact the CNIL by mail or by telephone. If you are registered on a STENDO company mailing list, you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time by justifying your identity and contacting STENDO company:- either by e-mail at: - or by postal mail at: STENDO SAS, 17 Rue du Port, 27400 LOUVIERS, France.

5.7.5. Security and privacy

STENDO company takes the necessary steps to protect your personal data and respect your privacy. To ensure the protection of personal data, STENDO company conducts the evaluation and evolution of its security devices on a frequent basis. You are regularly notified of developments in our solutions and how they work. You need to accept these notifications to integrate the latest services and features as well as the security features.

5.7.6. Protection of minors

The use of our solutions and the means available for this use remain the responsibility of those with parental authority.

5.7.7. Data protection of deceased persons

The user has the right to set guidelines for the retention, erasure, and disclosure of personal data after death. A general or special directive may appoint a person responsible for their execution. The latter then has standing, when the person has died, to read the guidelines and request their implementation at STENDO. In the absence of a designation or, unless directed to the contrary, in the event of the death of the named person, his heirs have standing to read the instructions on the death of their author and request their implementation, if necessary, at STENDO company.

5.8. Disclosure of your personal data

STENDO company may disclose personal data if required by law. STENDO company may be required to buy or sell some of its activities or property. In the event of a sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or other similar device, your personal data may be part of the assets sold.

6. Intellectual property

Applications and Websites are owned by STENDO company. Photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sound sequences or not, as well as any works integrated into Applications and Websites, except for data imported by the User, are the property of STENDO or third parties that have authorized STENDO company to use them. The reproduction and use, on paper or computer, of Applications and/or Websites is permitted provided that it is strictly reserved for personal use, excluding all use for advertising and/or commercial purposes and/or information, and that it complies with the provisions of Article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code. With the exception of the above provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any process and on any medium of any kind, of all or part of the Applications and/or Websites, of all or part of the contents that make up them, without prior authorization from STENDO company, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a crime of counterfeiting. No license, nor any right other than to view the site and to use the Applications in accordance with the intended use, is conferred on the Application User and visitors of the Websites in relation to intellectual property and copyright rights.

7. Access to services

Applications and Websites are accessible in any place to any User with Internet access. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (computer hardware, Internet connection, etc.) are his responsibility. Apps can be downloaded to download platforms made available by operating system publishers (Android, iOS...). Access and/or use of Applications and Websites are reserved for strictly personal use. The User undertakes not to use the Applications and Websites, as well as the information or data contained in them for commercial, political, advertising, and other forms of commercial solicitation. STENDO company uses all means at its disposal to ensure quality access to its services. However, STENDO company cannot be held liable in the event of inability to access due to a case of force majeure. STENDO company cannot be held responsible for the delay in notifications.

8. Management and modification

For the management of Applications and Websites, STENDO company may at any time:- suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of applications and websites without notice for maintenance or other cases. The user is obliged not to claim any compensation as a result of the interruption, suspension or modification of this contract, - remove any information that may disrupt its operation or in violation of national or international laws, suspend the Applications in order to make updates. STENDO company reserves the right to launch new services but also, if necessary, without notice and at its own discretion, to remove, improve or modify all or part of the features, topics and services of Applications and Websites. If these terms and conditions of use are not accepted, the use of Applications and Websites will be suspended.

9. Responsibility

9.1. User Responsibility

The use of Applications and Websites requires certain Technical Equipment for which the User will be fully responsible. In this way, the User will ensure the compatibility, proper installation, operation, and maintenance of its technical equipment necessary for the use of Applications and Websites. The User will also be responsible for any malfunctions, viral attacks or attempted intrusions related to its login equipment. The User will also be responsible for the data it imports into the Applications. The User makes sure to keep his password and ID secret. Disclosure of the password, in any form, is prohibited. The User assumes the risks associated with the use of his ID and password, which are confidential, personal, untransestal and intransmissible. The Editor disclaims any responsibility. The User will be liable for any legal action against him for damage to himself, third parties and/or his equipment as a result of the use of the Applications or the non-compliance with these General Terms of Use.

9.2. Responsibility for STENDO

STENDO company is responsible for the proper performance of its contractual obligations under these conditions and current laws and standards. STENDO company uses all means at its disposal to ensure access to Applications and Websites. STENDO company cannot be held liable for non-performance or poor performance of these conditions attributable to the User or the third party installing the product, to the unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third party, or to a case of force majeure. In particular, STENDO company will not be liable:- in case of incompatibility or malfunction of the User's technical equipment, particularly because of the age of the technical equipment;- in case of obsolescence of connected equipment;- in case of failure, difficulty or interruption of operation preventing access to Applications and Websites or any of their features;- as far as the list is not limited: availability, news, security and quality of Applications and Websites;- in the event of removal of, or inability to store or transmit and/or receive, any content or other information maintained or transmitted by the Applications;- in case of damage or alteration of the Technical equipment or connected equipment following the installation or use of applications;- in case of force majeure or the unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third party;- in case of delay in receiving or not receiving Emails or notifications.

10. Evolution of this contract

These terms and conditions of use are provisions that can be changed. Users are advised to consult them regularly. They are available on websites, on the app or on request.

11. Duration and termination

The Application User can terminate these terms and conditions of use as of right at any time by deleting the STENDO account and/or uninstalling the Applications. The User will be deemed not to have accepted previous versions of the terms and conditions of use, as long as he does not accept these conditions. STENDO company may, at any time, terminate the agreement with the User if it has breached the provisions of these general conditions of use.

12. Applicable law

These terms and conditions of use are governed by French law and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, any dispute will fall within the jurisdiction of the courts located in the jurisdiction of STENDO's head office subject to a specific attribution of jurisdiction arising from a particular law or regulation. Data retention is taken into account of the laws in force in each country, except for special provisions and acceptance of these provisions by the User.

13. Contact

In case of problems with the use of Applications and/or Websites, the User will be able to contact STENDO company by phone at:
+33 (0)2 32 09 41 60.

In case of problems with the collection of personal data, the User will be able to contact: STENDO company by postal mail or Email:

STENDO SAS, 17 Rue du Port, 27400 LOUVIERS, France